Jestem tłumaczem języka angielskiego i dziennikarzem w Polsce. Specjalizuję się w pisaniu i tłumaczeniu na temat historii, kultury i podróży w Polsce.

Moja praca jako tłumacza i dziennikarza sprawia, że jestem idealnym partnerem dla instytucji kulturalnych, obiektów dziedzictwa kulturowego i muzeów w Polsce.


I am an English translator and journalist in Poland. I specialise in writing and translating about history, culture and travel in Poland.

As a translator and journalist, I am an ideal partner for cultural institutions, heritage sites and museums in Poland.

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Experts says WWII diary about lost Nazi millions is 'complete forgery'

Experts analysing a WWII diary said to reveal the location of hidden Nazi treasure in an 18th century palace in Poland have concluded it is a ‘complete forgery’.

Presenting their findings in their monthly magazine, the group said: ‘The War Diary is a Polish-German forgery likely produced some time after 1982.’

The diary, said to have been written by an SS officer who noted down the location of looted works of art and valuables hidden towards the end of WWII, was acquired by a group calling its

Experts searching for Hitler's gold say letter may uncover treasure

Experts searching for £200million of Hitler's gold in the grounds of an 18th-century palace in Poland have said Nazi descendants have handed over a letter written by an SS officer that could uncover another lost treasure.

A team from the Silesian Bridge Foundation said the fragment of an ageing letter, seen exclusively by MailOnline, could reveal the mystery behind one of the Second World War's most valuable pieces of looted art.

The letter references the long-lost 16th-century painting Portra

EXCLUSIVE! How small girl from Raszyn became World No. 1 tennis champ

A few years ago at the Raul Wallenberg Elementary School in the south of Warsaw, a group of older children was working on a geography project about volcanoes.

When teacher Agnieszka Zdziarska showed them one of the best volcano models from previous years, one of the pupils noticed with awe that the carefully built model showing an exploding volcano had been signed by world number one women’s tennis star Iga Świątek.

The model is prophetic, as soon after she made it, admittedly along with other

Inside horrific Auschwitz 'social club' where SS officers relaxed

A chilling black-and-white photograph of smiling SS officers in front of a wooden building offers a glimpse into one of WWII's lesser-known horrors.

With its roomy porch and large windows, the building provided a welcome retreat for German soldiers stationed at the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, but for inmates, it was a site of degradation and despair.

Named Kameradschaftsheim der Waffen SS KL Auschwitz (The Home of Comradeship for the Waffen SS at Auschwitz), the building was built

‘I grew up in death camp house’: Extraordinary story of woman born in Auschwitz and who has lived there ever since

Since the day she was born, Anna Odi has lived behind the barbed wire that surrounds Auschwitz.

For 65 unbroken years she has lived in one of the characteristic red-brick blocks that have become synonymous with the largest documented mass murder in the history of humanity.

Now part of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, during the war it was an administration centre for the SS.

Anna, who now works at the Auschwitz Memorial Museum in the collections department, grew up playing in and a

28 tonnes of Nazi gold could be hidden under a palace in Poland

Twenty eight tonnes of Nazi gold worth more than £1billion may have been traced to the grounds of a palace in Poland after the location was mentioned in an SS diary.

The stash of gold bars, jewellery and coins is believed to be sitting 200ft down at the bottom of a destroyed well shaft in the grounds of the Hochberg Palace, near the city of Wroclaw.

Researchers from the Polish-German Silesian Bridge Foundation, who claim to have acquired the diary from a masonic lodge, say the treasure was bur

'My mum was kidnapped by Hitler's SS!'

During World War II, the Germans kidnapped, Germanised and sent up to 200,000 ‘racially suitable’ Polish children to the Third Reich for adoption to senior Nazis in an attempt to breed an elite for Hitler’s thousand-year Reich.

Those who did not meet their racist criteria were incinerated at Auschwitz, subjected to cruel medical experiments or expelled to other parts of German-occupied Poland.

The majority of those who were Germanised lived their whole lives not knowing they had been torn away

Beaten, starved and tortured: The horrifying story of Hitler’s concentration camp for children

Among the tragedies that the Germans inflicted on Poland and its people during the Second World War, one has been almost totally lost from the collective memory, yet as much as any other it exposes the cruelty of the occupation, this time towards the youngest and most vulnerable of its victims.

The ‘concentration’ camp for Polish children in the central Polish city of Łódź, renamed Litzmannstadt by the Germans, which was set up 76 years ago on December 1, 1942, stands out in the German camp sys